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Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Tactical Strength and Conditioning

What is tactical strength and conditioning?

One of the more unique and specialized programming tracks that we offer here at Specialized Fitness is our Tactical Strength and Conditioning program. This program will put an emphasize on movements one may be more likely to see in every day work as a Firefighter, Law Enforcement Officer or Military. This is a separate programming track from our class-basedsystem. An individual working this programming will see the same variety of workouts and movements as any functional fitness program. However,this program will place more of an emphasis on loaded conditioning, strength and carries. We have a variety of non-traditionalequipment that this program will utilize. Strongman implements such as the yoke, sandbags, farmers carry handles, axle barsetc.will all be utilized during this program. This programming is available during open gym hours currently and will be offered later as an online programming option. Contact us today for more information!

Tactical Strength and Conditioning in Fairview, NC

Any discussion of the world’s fittest men and women must include “tactical athletes” at some point. These professionals, ranging from special operations fighters to SWAT officers, maintain peak fitness out of necessity. For them, being out of shape doesn’t just mean missing out on a PR or skipping a squat; it might mean the difference between life and death—theirs or someone else’s.

A tactical athlete’s training is as unique and unpredictable as their jobs and timetables. But make no mistake: this type of one-of-a-kind training isn’t just for special forces. That’s what you can expect from our tactical strength and conditioning courses. We use out-of-the-ordinary ways to help build muscle and stamina for our clients. Our goal is to improve your stamina and peak performance that can be carried into your job or just to get you to be the best fit you can be.

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Areas of Interest

Individual demands for any tactical athlete will differ depending on the specific needs of their employment. However, there are a few universally applicable principles. Any successful training program for any tactical operator must include the following components:

Injury Prevention: Injury prevention is at the top of the priority list since an injured operator is a burden to themselves and their team.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning: Aerobic conditioning is essential for the task itself. Conditioning that extends beyond the anaerobic system is required for tactical operators. Whether it’s chasing a suspect, rushing up 15 flights of stairs to a fellow cop, or battling with someone who won’t go peacefully, the aerobic system finally comes into action. Anaerobic training comes into play when shorter bursts of conditioning are required.

Furthermore, many firms still require some type of aerobic capacity as a work requirement.

Strength and Power: For any form of combat athlete, strength and power are essential. If all other factors are equal, the person who is stronger and more explosive will win when facing aggressive opposition. In addition to raw power, the tactical athlete must also have specific strength demands, such as grip and neck strength.

Tactical Strength and Conditioning

During these classes, we will be focused on:

Cardiovascular fitness

Strength training



Our tactical strength and conditioning courses are meant to help with all four of these qualities in different ways. We will change what we do daily to help improve the different areas and work different muscle groups. Some people like this course and take it because of their job. Others take this class to improve their overall health and performance for other reasons. 

Whatever your reason for joining, Specialized Fitness & Nutrition is here to help. We offer tactical strength and conditioning as well as a variety of other classes, or join our open gym. You know how you work out best. If you need that extra push, we offer personalized trainers and online training as well. With all our training options, we have something for everyone. Call 828-767-2632 today.

Real Testimonials

So happy a friend invited me to participate in a group training today! It was a challenging workout with excellent instruction & support all while having a great time! I will be back!

    Cristy Brunner

    I’ve lost my first 10lbs with Specialized fitness and Nutrition. Personal trainer and fitness coach Crystal has been working with me to help me lose the 60lbs I gained due to PCOS. I highly recommend her!

      Taylor Bowens-Loven

      This is the first time I’ve really enjoyed exercise. The classes are always fun, challenging and I cannot wait to come back to Specialized Fitness and Nutrition for more! Great facility and instructors.

        Vince Carter