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community open gym

Community Open Gym In Fairview, NC

Specialized Fitness & Nutrition are proud members of the Fairview, NC community. We strive to positively impact the Fairview community as a whole and understand that a 24 hour community gym is a pillar many people enjoy. Our gym offers a community fitness center that is about encouragement and understanding.

Contact us or drop by for community open gym today to begin or continue accomplishing your health and fitness goals!

What Does a community open gym look like?

When working to meet your personal goals, it is always nice to have others cheering you on. This is what the community classes are about. We work together and meet you at your level of fitness. Our trainers are there to help encourage, teach, and provide you with the knowledge to improve and meet your goals.

However, being a part of a structured class isn’t for everyone, and we understand this. That’s why we offer a community open gym as well. This is where community members can come and go to the gym as they would like. This means working out on your own time!

There aren’t instructors or others helping you during community open gym. You will work toward your own goals and push yourself in a manner that is comfortable for you. While others thrive on working out with others, some would like to go it alone. We understand that. That’s why we offer a community open gym.  

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What To Expect During A Community Open Gym

You are welcome to use our mats and other exercise equipment such as weights and machines during open gym. You design your gym time around your schedule and stay as long or as short as you’d like. We take great pride in our gym and hope you will always find it inviting, clean and fun. Our goal is to help all of our clients meet and exceed their health goals. There are many reasons why people join a gym, such as cardio, to lose weight, or to improve their stamina. Whatever your reason, Specialized Fitness & Nutrition is there for you.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, many of our clients are on various levels. You might find that you once loved going to the gym but recently haven’t had the time you’d like for it. Sometimes having a structured gym time can seem overwhelming. Trying to meet at that time can create anxiety and unnecessary stress. In this case, our open gym is perfect as you can come when you have the time and leave when you want to. Maybe an hour is too long, and you only have a 1/2 hour. While an hour would be ideal, a half hour is better than nothing, which is how we like to think about it. Sometimes, just getting in a few minutes helps you feel better, relieves stress, and allows you to ease back into coming more frequently.

We are here, of course, for any questions or concerns you might have at 828-767-2632. Our gym has classes of all kinds, and you can even sign up for a personal coach. However, we understand that flexibility is important to some of our members, and the community open gym may be perfect for you. Stop in or call us today to find out more about our rates and facility. We would be happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns you might have as well.

Real Testimonials

So happy a friend invited me to participate in a group training today! It was a challenging workout with excellent instruction & support all while having a great time! I will be back!

    Cristy Brunner

    I’ve lost my first 10lbs with Specialized fitness and Nutrition. Personal trainer and fitness coach Crystal has been working with me to help me lose the 60lbs I gained due to PCOS. I highly recommend her!

      Taylor Bowens-Loven

      This is the first time I’ve really enjoyed exercise. The classes are always fun, challenging and I cannot wait to come back to Specialized Fitness and Nutrition for more! Great facility and instructors.

        Vince Carter