Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

WAG nutrition coaching is all about flexible dieting. Flexible dieting allows you to incorporate foods that you love and build a healthy relationship with food. I will create a nutrition plan that will help you reach your health and fitness goals. There will be weekly check-ins, help with grocery lists, and recipes. We will create healthy, sustainable habits that ensure longevity for your healthy lifestyle. Contact us today for more information regarding your personalized nutrition coaching today!

Nutrition Coaching in Fairview, NC


Many people think of gyms and exercise when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. However, there is another important part to the puzzle, and that’s what you eat. You may have heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” which is very accurate in many ways. Getting the proper nutrition can help you feel so much better, be less anxious, have more energy, and more. 

Many of us don’t know what eating healthy means. We might think back to watching the adults around us as kids eating nothing but plain boring salads and missing out on yummy food. But that’s not what it means at all. In fact, there are many yummy foods out there that are healthy too. We just need a little coaching on how to prepare them and grocery shop properly.  

Some people think that eating healthy is really expensive. While just like anything, it can be if you don’t do it properly. Healthy food is usually found on the outside isles of the grocery store, so this can make it actually a little less costly. You won’t need to go down most tempting isles with all the treats you don’t need anyway. However, you can also improve the cost by planting a garden. Even some herbs inside will do. Trust us. It doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, bland, or taste terrible to be healthy. That’s what so many people think when they first start but are quickly impressed by their options.

Nutrition Coaching

What Does a Nutrition Coach in Fairview, NC Do?

Nutrition coaching entails educating our clients on healthy food and lifestyle choices, assisting clients in developing and setting goals, and putting clients’ good intentions into action. Nutrition coaches operate in various contexts and provide basic wellness and nutrition information, options, recommendations, direction, inspiration, and skill-building to help clients adopt healthier lifestyle patterns and reach client-specific personal health objectives. These types of coaches are acknowledged by the world’s most important health organizations. They are already playing an essential role in the evolving preventative healthcare model.

The goal of a nutrition coach is to educate their client on their choices. But, most clients don’t even know they have so many options. Clients often start nutrition coaching thinking they have to give up everything they love, but in reality, it is generally about portion control and adding in some new foods along the way.

Nutrition coaches are like your fitness instructors. They will make plans that will fit your personal goals and needs. While some people want to improve their overall health and lose weight, others have more specific needs, such as improving sleep or anxiety issues. You are what you eat is very true in so many cases. A nutrition coach can help guide you in making better choices while not losing interest in eating together.

Joining a gym such as Specialized Fitness & Nutrition for exercise is an excellent step in improving your health. But getting on board with a coach helps you reach your goals faster and be more successful. Our nutrition coach will encourage you to be the best you that you can be. Call today, and let’s talk about your nutritional goals.

Real Testimonials

So happy a friend invited me to participate in a group training today! It was a challenging workout with excellent instruction & support all while having a great time! I will be back!

    Cristy Brunner

    I’ve lost my first 10lbs with Specialized fitness and Nutrition. Personal trainer and fitness coach Crystal has been working with me to help me lose the 60lbs I gained due to PCOS. I highly recommend her!

      Taylor Bowens-Loven

      This is the first time I’ve really enjoyed exercise. The classes are always fun, challenging and I cannot wait to come back to Specialized Fitness and Nutrition for more! Great facility and instructors.

        Vince Carter